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What we believe in and how we achieve it

Architecture is an ever-evolving expression of style. Many different factors influence the changes within the profession but the integrity of the solution on how we get there should always remain intact. After years of developing with a very talented firm in Ohio, Nik Sirna headed west to hone in on the expression of his own style.

In 2022 NVS Architects opened in Bozeman, Montana, with a focus on creativity and insurmountable service. The foundation of each project is built upon listening to the client, understanding their wants, and translating that into architecture. The architecture itself is influenced by site and comes with no preconceived notion of a specific style. It’s a simple, yet dynamic, response to a multitude of individual parameters… program, site, view, people, and experience.

As the firm grows, our core principle remains the same… The experience our clients have from the start of the process until project completion is of the highest standard and the quality of our work exceeds expectations. There are many options when it comes to who your design partner is, so we’ve engrained it within our team to stand out among some very amazing competition.

NVS Architects is a full-service design studio providing architectural design, interior design, master planning, and collaboration. We continue to pursue projects of all scales, types and are constantly energized when we have the opportunity to create timeless architectural environments where we live, work, and play.

Our Process

Our process is simple. Start to Finish.

There are many different phases to the design process, it starts as conceptual and progresses all the way through construction. We’ve developed our process over time to break it down into critical milestones to best understand the clients wants and expectations and develop the design accordingly.


The first phase of work is considered ‘Predesign’.

This is our exploratory and research phase where we sit back and listen. This typically entails site investigation, property assessments, and multiple interviews with the client to tap into their true ‘wish list’. Based on the knowledge gained during predesign we can begin to conceptualize the overall project.


Once we start creating concepts for the project we are in ‘Schematic Design’.

This portion of our work is the first time we start to turn the ‘wish list’ into architecture. We take the program requirements of the client and partner that with the opportunities the site is providing. This in turn allows us to create conceptual floor plans, massing models, and the overall master plan of the project.


As the concepts evolve, there becomes a clear path forward. This moves us into ‘Design Development’.

The DD phase of work is transforming our concept into the first round of technical drawings and a more detailed digital model. Our main goal during this phase is to provide enough information that we can receive budgets from potential building partners, but not be too far along that we cannot make changes to the design. Design Development is a very critical step in the future success of the project and truly where budgets and scheduling begin to take shape.


‘Construction Documents’ is the last of our drafting phase and where we complete the set of drawings for permit and construction.

All of the critical detailing, structural components, finishes, and landscape find their way into this set as it is the everyday reference for the builder and his team. This set will continue to grow once construction begins which leads us into our final phase of work.


Once the project breaks ground, we have officially entered ‘Construction Administration’.

This phase of work is to ensure the integrity of what we discussed with the client all the way back in our first few meetings. We were brought on as your design partner and the advocate for your ‘wish list.’ Construction Administration allows us to be available to the builder, procure samples of materials, help visualize as the structure comes to fruition, modify/add/review drawings as needed, and be there to celebrate the first time you step into your completed space.


Our goal throughout is to ensure that the process is catered to each project specifically and broken out into manageable pieces. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in architecture. These are large ventures for individuals and companies, and we take your commitment to us very seriously. We want to be the best design partner for you and celebrate the exciting time you are in. We keep our process fluid, personal, and most importantly enjoyable.

NVS Architects was created to serve people through architecture and create great relationships along the way. Our intention will always remain the same.

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